It's not filtering. I don't see the TVG icon.

We've noticed that when DISH sends out a software update for the Hopper, it sometimes disables TVGuardian, even though it looks like the App settings are turned ON.

This will fix it for you:

  1. Go into the TVGuardian App and make sure it's set the way you'd like.  We recommend that you set the CC Mode to ON MUTE.

  2. If you have the new small black Hopper remote with an Options button:
    While watching TV, press the Options button,
    Go to the Hopper Closed-Captioning and turn in ON.

  3. If you have the older large style Hopper remote with a row of colored buttons:
    Press the green button to toggle CC ON.

  4. TVG should be working now, and you should see the TVG icon in the left corner again.

Also, make sure to set TVGuardian's CC MODE to your preferred setting:  OFF, ON MUTE (recommended), or ON CONTINUOUS.


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